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The role of defenders in football is extremely important. Good defenders help improve defense and have good attack options to turn the game around. Who are the best defenders in the world in 2024? Join TA777 to find out information about the top 7 excellent defenders who left their mark in the hearts of fans.

Criteria for evaluating the best defender in the world

Criteria for evaluating the best defender in the world

The defender is an indispensable character in the squad of a football team, having the important task of protecting the goal and helping the team attack and score goals. To evaluate a good defender based on the following basic factors:

Defense skills

The ability to defend, stop opponents, and defend well in unexpected situations is an important factor of a good defender. Besides, it is necessary to have technical and tactical knowledge in playing soccer and a deep understanding of the role and responsibilities of a defender in the team.

Ball control, Ability to move quickly

To become a top defender, they must have good ball control skills and the ability to move quickly to be able to deal with your team’s good strikers. The ability to approach and compete for the ball well is the only way to perform the task of defending the goal well, preventing maximum attacks from the opponent. At the same time, know how to break through and build unexpected attacks from the scene so that the opponent cannot react in time.

Influence on the team/match

A defender who is considered a good player is a player who must have a great influence on the team and the match every time it takes place on the field. They always make a difference in the match and have the ability to suddenly turn the situation around with excellent attacks and defenses that change the situation and the outcome of the match.

Top 7 best defenders in the world – Latest updated information 2024

Top 7 best defenders in the world - Latest updated information 2024

With excellent defensive abilities, defenders make an important contribution to the success of teams in top tournaments around the world. Below is a list of the top 7 best defenders in the world updated from sports news comment forums and feedback from football fans.

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Defender Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid, Spain) – Best defender

Sergio Ramos is mentioned not only as an excellent defender but also as a talented strategist on the field. His ability to score goals and skillfully lead the team has contributed significantly to the success of the Real Madrid team over the years.

Virgil van Dijk – Talented defender from Liverpool (Netherlands)

Known as an impenetrable wall on the field, Virgil van Dijk left his mark in the hearts of fans with his extraordinary strength, and ability to play enthusiastically and sacrifice himself to protect the goal. The Liverpool team that won the UEFA Champions League and Premier League titles had no small contribution from this excellent defender, who always played with a stable spirit and excellent defensive command ability.

Kalidou Koulibaly (Napoli, Senegal) – The most mentioned name on forums

With his speed, strength, and excellent technique, Kalidou Koulibaly has proven himself to be one of the world’s top defenders. Contributing to helping Napoli maintain its position in the top of Serie A and is the name most mentioned by fans on sports commentary forums today.

Aymeric Laporte (Manchester City, France) – The most beloved runner-up

Aymeric Laporte is a good defender of the Manchester City, France team. He not only has a solid defense but also has an impressive ability to build attacks from the back. Manchester City won the Premier League and other titles thanks in part to the efforts of talented runner-up Aymeric Laporte.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool, England) – Extraordinary strength

Defender Trent Alexander-Arnold has extraordinary technique, creating ability and strength. Playing on the field, he has always shown himself to be one of the best full-backs. Not only does he protect the goal well, he is also capable of creating many dangerous opportunities from the wing, which has contributed significantly to the success of the Liverpool team.

Defender Matthijs de Ligt (Juventus, Netherlands) – Excellent defense

Defender Matthijs de Ligt (Juventus, Netherlands) – Excellent defense

De Ligt is known for his enduring strength, smart tactics, and ability to handle the ball well in 1-1 confrontation situations. Flexible movement speed, the anticipation of making accurate decisions, and blocking opponent’s attacks promptly. Matthijs de Ligt has proven himself to be one of the most promising young talents in the defender position.

Andrew Robertson (Liverpool, Scotland) – Impressive play

According to feedback and reviews from fans, Andrew Robertson is playing the left-back position for Liverpool Club. In 2021, this defender played excellently and was recognized as one of the best left-backs in the world (according to ESPN). Flexibility in play, speed, and excellent defense have helped Andrew Robertson play successfully as a full-back.

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These best defenders in the world are not only heroes on the field but also have great influence, creating a foundation for young players around the world to study and strive. Their shine is not only the pride of the teams but also a glorious contribution to global football.

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