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With the development of technology today, if you want to follow a bicycle race, it is not difficult. Players can bet on cycling betting online to increase the appeal and excitement. Follow the article below of TA777 bookmaker to know how to bet on bicycle racing.

What is cycling betting?

What is cycling betting?

Cycling betting is based on the odds set by the bookmaker based on cycling competitions. This sport is prevalent and loved by many people and is chosen by significant sports organizations as an official competition.

In European countries, the major cycling competition is often organized as the Tour de France, attracting a large number of registered members and a large number of fans.

Cycling is developing very strongly, so TA777 has provided online cycling betting for fans in a reputable, safe, and quality way. With accurate and attractive betting odds.

Most Popular Types of Cycling Bets

Most Popular Types of Cycling Bets

Like baseball or basketball betting, online cycling bettors can choose the appropriate form. Here are some betting options for players:

Race Winner

The simplest way is for players to bet on the winner of the cycling race. Players just need to choose the person they think will win the overall race. If the player’s predicted rider wins the bet in that leg of the race, the player will receive a payout according to the odds TA777 provided.

Top 3

For this type of bet, players predict the rider they think will finish on the podium at the end of the race. If the player chooses the athlete and that person finishes first, second or third, the player wins.

Race Finishers

This type of bet is based on the number of riders who will complete the entire race course. The bookmaker will give a number, such as 165, and the player’s goal is to see if the total number of finishers is higher or lower than that number. If the player’s prediction matches the actual result, the player wins.

King of the Mountains

In mountain stages involving significant climbs throughout the race, the rider with the most extraordinary achievement, leading this category at the Tour de France, will wear a polka dot jersey. Players try to predict the winner of the mountain stages.

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The World’s Most Prestigious Cycling Events

The World’s Most Prestigious Cycling Events

Tour de France

The Tour de France is the most famous and prestigious cycling race. First held in 1903, this 21-stage event tests riders in various environments across France.

Today, the Tour de France is considered the largest annual sporting event in the world. Each time the race is held, between 20 and 22 teams compete, each with around eight riders.

Giro d’Italia

The Giro d’Italia is also considered a prestigious cycling race in the sports world. This event has 21 stages, usually in May, and uses a route through the Alps.

Tour our of Britain

The Tour of Britain is a short cycling race, giving riders the challenge of 8 stages over several days. Riders participating in the Tour of Britain must ride through roads in England, Scotland, and Wales.

UCI World Championships

This series of cycling events combines different forms of racing and is the only event to determine the world champion in various disciplines. Competitions include road cycling, BMX cycling, mountain biking, and other activities. These championship events are organized by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI).


This cycling competition was founded in 1896 and, by 1984, had both men’s and women’s races. Riders compete in different cycling disciplines at every Olympic Games.

Online Cycling Betting Experience

Players find out which riders are injured and which teams have gathered the best riders to participate. From there, players successfully eliminate weak riders and increase their chances of winning bets based on good riders.

Players update information about cycling races on websites, especially before the race occurs.

There will be domestic riders and riders from other countries in the race. Domestic riders often know many routes and understand the time of the race, so they have more advantages than their opponents.

During the race, there will be times when the weather changes. Especially in long races, affecting the racing ability of the riders.

Choose an online bookmaker to bet on, ensuring real odds, real payouts, and information security. TA777 is one of the names that players should trust and choose when needed.


The above is detailed information about Cycling Betting. If players need to bet, they should not ignore TA777, as the system will bring them many unexpected experiences and handsome payouts. Good luck to the players!

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