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Dragon Tiger game are considered to be the simplest games, easy to understand, and have the most players participating. For long-time online bookmakers like TA777, this is an indispensable game. Dragon Tiger is also considered a game that receives a lot of favor and attention from TA777. Let’s learn about this easy-to-play game as well as the latest betting rules for 2024.

What is the Dragon Tiger Game? Dragon Tiger 2024 game rules

What is the Dragon Tiger Game? Dragon Tiger 2024 game rules

Dragon Tiger Game, also known by its English name Dragon Tiger, is the simplest and most attractive game today. With simple gameplay from a deck of 52 cards, a game will have 2 cards for both Dragon and Tiger sides. After the betting time, the dealer opens the cards and compares the scores.

Because of this simplicity, each game is extremely quick and easy to understand. Dragon Tiger is also considered a game of chance because it is almost difficult to predict or arrange the cards as desired like in other games. Therefore, to win this bet, you need to have strategic playing tips that I will mention later.

Dragon Tiger 2024 game rules

Because the game only requires comparing the value of two cards with each other whichever side is higher wins the bet. So the rules of the game are extremely simple with the cards assigned from smallest to smallest with the smallest card being A and the largest being K. From there, the result of Dragon Tiger Draw in the game is determined.

The odds of this game are extremely large: 1:1 when betting on dragons and tigers, and 1:8 when betting on a draw. It seems like you won’t lose any money. However, if the bet ends in a draw, each side’s payout is 50%. In other words, if you bet on Dragon Tiger and it ends in a draw, you lose half of your money.

Common bet types when playing Dragon Tiger

Common bet types when playing Dragon Tiger

Every online Dragon Tiger table has the following basic bet types. Along with different eating rates to make it easier for viewers to follow:

Tie bet: a type of bet that usually pays out a lot if many people choose this type of bet. The possibility of a Draw will be very high to attract players. Besides, tie bets always appear but very rarely and are based on real payout odds. The odds of winning a tie are 8 times.

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Dragon Bet: usually the dragon is on the left side of the screen and can be bet 1 to 1 with the house.

Tiger bet: similar to Dragon but usually five on the right, the former has an attractive winning ratio of 1 to 1.

In addition, depending on specific features, there will be additional types of bets on dragon tigers below such as:

Even or odd bet: means betting on one of the two sides whether the number is even or odd. In the case of the image, the JQK numbers will be 11 – 12 – 3 respectively.

Big/small bet: this is a type of bet commonly found at Chinese banquets. This bet is a type of bet where the player bets on a specific side and if any side is greater than 7 then it is the maximum and vice versa is the minimum.

Bet on Dragon and Tiger: with this bet, the player will have a win rate of 1 to 3.

And there are many other types of bets that bookmaker TA777 is constantly updating and changing, to attract more and more players than ever.

Tips for playing Dragon Tiger to always win at TA777

Tips for playing Dragon Tiger to always win at TA777

Below are the easy and simple ways to play Dragon Tiger online that you can learn. With the following tips, we will mainly rely on factors other than prediction skills to make judgments. Therefore, it will help you not get caught up in this simple but interesting game.

Bet with the minimum amount of the game to be safer

The time to play this game is very short, so if you only play with the mentality of going all-in or threatening, you won’t get many results. Along with that, to be able to discover Dragon Tiger Bridge for yourself, only when you experience it will you fully understand it.

Pay attention to the big cards in Dragon Tiger

With this card, the K (old) card has the highest value, so every player wants to get this card to win money faster. According to many published betting game analysis data, the appearance of K in Dragon will most likely break the bridge to Tiger (K).

Be careful with the Dragon Tiger statistics table

This is also one of the places players need to pay the most attention to. Normally, to have a basis to participate in a certain game requires observation and monitoring of the players. And these are the easiest places to track and observe. However, each different game will have different types of bridges and breaks. Therefore, please do not impose other game rules on Dragon Tiger.

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Above is relevant information on the topic of what the “dragon and tiger game” is, as well as the rules and tips for playing in 2024. This game genre seems boring but is extremely attractive to players who are passionate about red and black. come to this house. Let’s follow TA777 to update more information about the latest casino game tips.

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