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How to play Baccarat Super 6 There are many diverse playing styles in the world as well as on online casino sites. From Super 6 to Dragon Bonus Baccarat, or three tables… And the most popular way to play is Super 6 Baccarat. Today, let’s learn about this way to play with Wowjili casino.

General introduction to the game Supera 6 Baccarat 2024

General introduction to the game Supera 6 Baccarat 2024

According to international baccarat information, this game appeared very early in the early 16th century. However, it was not until the early 19th century that it became popular until today. With its predecessor name Lucky 9 or Punto Banco.

With extremely simple rules, betting on the side with the higher score is the winner. With this way of playing baccarat, you have 3 betting boxes: player-dealer – and tie. It can be seen that playing this card is similar to playing Philippine scratch cards. The Super 6 baccarat card position also uses a deck of 52 cards.

Summary of Super 6 baccarat rules

With a scoring method similar to Philippine scratch cards, the general convention is as follows:

Cards with numbers from 2 -9 are cards with a score equal to the number of cards displayed.

And the aces on this hand are counted as 1 point

Cards of 10 and JQK are counted as 0 points.

With this card, players only care about the score without caring about the quality of the cards, and the total score is only calculated in units. For example, if the dealer shows cards 8 – 8, then the total is 16, then it will be counted as 6.

Basic principles of drawing cards in the game

Below is a table of baccarat card-drawing rules. Based on this general rule, the dealer or computer will draw cards and read the results.

Super 6 prediction tips to always win?

Super 6 prediction tips to always win?

Below are effective betting tips on baccarat Super 6 from professional players, which can help you quickly make money with this game.

Learn and read the baccarat results statistics table

Any table has outcome statistics, so new players need to understand those statistics to understand the demand curve of that betting table. Understanding this table gives you a 50% chance of winning. These tables will give you information about the extremely magical demand curve for players and bookies and the super 6 demand.

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Don’t believe too much in Tie bets

Agree that this is a type of bet that can win a lot of money, but actually, the frequency of draws in baccarat is extremely rare. For example, at many tables, historical results show only one “tie” in 15-20 games, even 30 games. Therefore, betting on this door is risky and the most difficult to predict.

Bet on the banker rather than the player

The unique feature of most baccarat tables is that the player does not lose too much money. This means that when placing this bet, the player wins at a rate of 1:1. This attracts more players, along with that, player judgments are always wrong. According to that mentality, go against the crowd to get victory for yourself. By betting on the house, players can win more easily than ever.

Believe in your luck

There is a saying that “gambling treats newbies,” which means that if you are the first person participating in any gambling sport, you will easily win and earn money from that game. With the same mentality, if you are on your winning streak, follow it without stopping. Because who knows, your bad luck may have come today. Please continue and improve.

Manage capital and cash flow effectively in baccarat

Manage capital and cash flow effectively in baccarat

Like other financial investments, when gambling, experienced players always control their cash flow well. And those are also effective and safe ways to play games. Not only that, statistics also show that players who control their money flow always win in all games and houses.

Time is money – don’t waste it

And those are the sentences I like the most when playing the baccarat game at TA777. By controlling time effectively, players ensure not only their health but also their ability to judge. Additionally, players can see the bridge at different betting tables only when awake. To stay awake, you must have time to play games and rest properly.


Overall, how to play baccarat Super 6 online is an important information for newcomers entering this market. With simple and easy-to-access rules, I wish you success when betting on baccarat at bookmaker TA777. Follow the latest updates in the latest betting tips section.

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