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How to play sic bo and playing experience are two factors that determine a player’s winning rate in any game portal. Sicbo has simple gameplay, but there are still a few people who do not understand the key points of the game to win many valuable rewards. Phmacao‘s following article will help you find the most effective and easy way to play to win money.

Introducing sic bo

Before learning the experience of playing sicbo effectively, you need to clearly understand what this sicbo game is. This is a traditional game of China with many different names, such as rolling dice, over/under, and rolling dice. How to play sicbo is very simple; players need to predict the total score of the dice to know whether they win or lose.

Introducing sic bo

Today, with the strong and outstanding development of the internet, you can experience the online sicbo game via mobile device or PC. The game began to develop strongly in Asian countries. Then it spread across many continents and became the most popular game today.

Experience playing sicbo from experts

Next we will come to the experience of playing sicbo, we will guide you how to effectively play the game of sicbo. Possessing very simple gameplay and a very high probability of winning, this game attracts the love and experience of many gamers who are passionate about betting.


With experience playing sicbo, this game uses 3 6-sided dice, also known by many people as dice. A dice will have 6 sides with numbers from 01 to 06. The number of points will be calculated corresponding to the number of dots on the dice.

Sicbo betting table

Each different house will have a different Sicbo betting table. This table will display information about the betting options, the bonus refund rate after each bet so you can withdraw money and the minimum bet amount. You need to read the information carefully before betting because each bookmaker will read it differently.

Tips for playing sicbo to win from experts

For those who are passionate about betting, you will understand that the winning rate of the sicbo game is quite low. However, no matter how many times you play and still lose, you should learn the following tips to improve your experience playing sicbo. At the same time, build for yourself effective strategies to play sicbo and win big.

Tips for playing sicbo to win from experts

How to play long-distance sicbo

This tip for playing sicbo is really suitable for those who have little capital and do not dare to spend much money. You need to apply this method to help you minimize the possibility of losing bets. This way of playing helps gamers gradually increase their bets until they are 90% sure of winning.

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Judgmental thinking

Judgmental thinking

The online sicbo game does not depend much on luck but requires you to have strategy and critical thinking. For example, with a 1-number bet, the player chooses number 2 out of 3 dice, there is one number 2 and two numbers 3, you have  won this match.

For bet number 3, you will choose a set of three numbers that will appear above. However, this rate is very rare. If you don’t want to take risks, you absolutely should not choose this way of betting.

In betting on number 2, experience from sic bo players shows that pairs of numbers 2, 4, 6 are the three pairs of numbers with the highest probability of appearing. Sicbo plaplay sic boyers can apply this strategy in the game if they find it appropriate.

The above article is all detailed information about how to play sic bo, as well as experience and effective tips for playing sicbo for bettors who are confused and looking for suitable playing strategies. Hopefully, the sharing will bring you a lot of new knowledge, and victories will come to you.

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