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In a football match, substitution is an essential form in certain situations. However, not all fans understand the Substitution Rules in Soccer clearly. Details about the format and substitution situations in the match will be shared by bookmaker TA777 below.

Explanation Substitution Rules in Soccer?

Explanation Substitution Rules in Soccer?

For you to better understand the substitution process in a soccer match, we need to understand the rules. In general, at present, information about this law has changed a lot. Thereby, you can track information as follows:

Substitution Rules in Soccer

  • A professional football match will take place with a squad of 11 people. Accordingly, at present, the number of teams formed can be replaced through the player exchange rule. In Football Substitution Rules 11 people will include the following rules:
  • Number of players: Each team can only substitute 5 people during 90 minutes of the match. This number has increased significantly compared to the previous regulation of only 3 people. However, in terms of numbers, the team is still at 3 times the maximum.
  • Substitute players: They need the referee’s approval before leaving the airport and entering the field of play. At the same time, they can only go on the field when the player they want to replace has left the match.
  • For friendly matches: Each team will be able to change a maximum of 6 players. However, it is necessary to ensure compliance with the arbitration regulations to be considered valid.

Procedure for making substitutions during the match

Procedure for making substitutions during the match

To apply (Football Substitution Rule), the team needs to follow the correct procedure. You can monitor and make appropriate choices, avoiding unnecessary errors including:

  • Only when the referee decides to pause the match can the substitution rule be applied.
  • The substitution request sign will be given by the referee to the player being replaced. The goal is to be easily recognizable on the huge pitch.
  • During halftime, the coach can quickly make substitutions or not. And the referee will decide whether to grant permission or not.
  • The referee will give a signal regarding goal kick situations, throw-ins, corner kicks, etc. in case the player has not yet arrived on the field.

Situations requiring substitutions in football

Situations requiring substitutions in football

The right to make substitutions in football becomes common and completely obvious every time a match takes place. To give you a better idea of ​​this situation, let’s take a look at the nature of the moment and the coach’s perspective:

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The right time needs to be replaced

  • In FIFA’s new substitution rules, teams respond to substitutions according to their situation. This ensures that the substitution process is valid, and the referee will quickly give the command sign:
  • The golden time to replace a player is when the coach no longer feels that the old playing style is still valid; Instead, they will recruit new players during the match.
  • When an athlete’s health is weak, he or she cannot dribble the ball
  • flexibly. This comes from the process of running and dribbling the ball too hard, which affects the operation.
  • When a player is playing healthy but is injured and cannot continue playing.
  • In case the goalkeeper is given a red card, the team can also make a substitution. However, the team will be monitored by the referee because they have been affected by a penalty card.
  • Situations where it is necessary to bring a certain player onto the field to promote their playing skills. Usually, this is the trump card the coach wants them to play.

Perspectives on the coach’s substitution work

Coaches play the role of conveying energy and ability to the football team. They commented that whether applying Substitution Law in Soccer 11 people 5 people or 7 people, this is also an important factor. Because if you replace people at the right time, the situation will change to increase efficiency. This also changes the situation from weak to stronger and vice versa.

In urgent situations, changing player positions is the way to fight fires. Especially when the team has an injured player who can no longer maintain the match. Thereby, teams that make substitutions according to the right person will help increase victory in the match.


Thus, the article has shared with you information about Substitution Rules in Soccer through the above content. It can be seen that this is one of the important tasks for the team to strengthen. At the same time, replacing players is also a strategy that coaches use when running the match. Besides, updating related information such as what the 3/4 handicap is is also extremely useful. Thereby, you will invest in your football betting to have a higher winning rate with TA777.

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