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The center forward position is an essential one in football matches. They are considered the “souls” that create the rhythm of a spectacular game. The presence of these strikers will help fans enjoy a satisfying experience. Let’s learn about these players with Jili77.

The center forward takes on the leading position. They will stand up and directly put strong pressure on the opponent’s defense. In every match, strikers are the players who need to seize and look for scoring opportunities. Only then can the home team win many victories. That’s why this position on the field is of particular interest to many fans.

Marco Van Basten

What’s unique about the Position of the Striker?

Regardless of the formation, the center forward plays in the highest position. Because they have an important role, they need to get close to the opponent’s goal to find a chance to put the ball into the net. In the sport of football, the striker position is also divided into many types: back striker, wing striker.

For the striker position, to play effectively requires the player to have the ability to read situations quickly and have super-speed improvisation skills. In addition, it is also necessary to be flexible in handling the ball on the field. Through that, they can accurately receive each assist and goal from their teammates. In particular, when taking on this position, the player also needs to have strong strength and a persistent playing style.

Which Center Strikers Are Excellent?

For the striker position, the coach will usually choose strikers who possess good football technique. That player must ensure quick movement, flexible handling, and sharp skills. Only then can we maximize and have absolute success on beautiful assists from our teammates.

With the factors mentioned above, the 5 strikers below will ensure to bring fans excellent net-breaking performances. Specifically:

Lionel Messi

For modern Sports Betting, Lionel Messi is considered the striker with the best playing style. For many years, his football career has been famous for many great victories.

Center Strikers

Lionel Messi possesses exceptional dribbling skills and a keen observational vision, which has made him an extremely successful footballer. Although his performance is slower now, his role as an all-time-class striker is still indispensable.

Karim Benzema

One of the top strikers in the world cannot help but know Karim Benzema. This striker has appeared in many major tournaments such as La Liga and Premier League. In Real Madrid’s successful squad, French striker Benzema is certainly indispensable. Currently, he has also won many noble titles, however, he has moved to Al Ittihad to play, retiring from his eye-catching career at Real Madrid.

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Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the professional center forwards whose playing style is not inferior to Messi’s. During his football career, he has received many prestigious awards and achievements. In terms of playing football and reading match situations, Cristiano Ronaldo is considered extremely good by experts. That’s why he was considered an unrivaled forward player during his peak career. Every battlefield from La Liga, Serie A to Premier League was easily conquered by him.

Although Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer pursuing his top career, he is still supported by many passionate fans. In particular, with the talent of Portuguese superstar Ronaldo, no one can deny it.

Harry Kane

In world history, Harry Kane is also considered an extremely famous striker. Before being transferred from Bayern Munich, he was considered the A-card for Tottenham Hotspur. Currently, he is holding the role of captain of the English football club. Harry Kane always has a skillful playing style, easily breaking through the defense’s net.

Center striker Kane has also won many prestigious titles. In the 2018 World Cup season, he scored 6 glorious goals. For many years in a row, he is also the first English player to continuously lead the Premier League top scorer rankings.

Marco Van Basten

Regarding football history, Marco Van Basten is still considered a legendary striker. This Dutch team captain led his teammates to conquer all fierce battlefields.

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