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The advantage of the best team of all time is: Possessing a uniform team in terms of physical strength and ball-handling skills, card-catching tactics, and attacking the opponent’s psychology. In the history of football development, there have been many teams that are considered strong and excellent. Join TA777 to learn about the excellent football team that left a reputation for football.

What is the best football team?

What is the best football team?
  • The best football team of all time is a team of players considered to be the most outstanding in the history of the sport of football. The best football teams of all time are often famous stars who have left a deep mark in football history. This formation is often built by combining different positions in the formation including:
  • Goalkeeper: The goalkeeper is the defender of the goal and must be able to prevent the opponent’s scoring opportunities. The best goalkeepers are often flexible, have a strong defensive spirit, and can read the game well.
  • Defenders: Defenders include both center-backs and full-backs, and they are responsible for preventing opponents from scoring. Central defenders need to be strong and talented in fighting for space and protecting the goal.
  • Midfielder: The Midfielder has the role of controlling the match and providing central services for the team. Midfield positions include defensive midfielder, creative midfielder, and attacking midfielder. The best midfielders are often those who can control the ball, distribute the ball, and contribute to creating scoring opportunities.
  • Strikers: Strikers are players who are responsible for scoring goals. Excellent strikers often have high speed, technique, and the ability to complete scoring opportunities.

Elements to become an excellent football team

Elements to become an excellent football team

The squad needs to have talented players in each position with appropriate technique, speed, and confrontation ability. Excellent players often can control the ball, pass the ball, and score impressive goals. Join us in reviewing the elements that make up a strong football team on the field.

Tactical understanding

The players in the squad need to have an understanding of the team’s tactics and playing system. The squad needs to have a clear tactical game plan, including how to approach the match, how to build attack and defense, as well as how to confront opponents.


Team spirit is an indispensable element for an excellent team. Players need to work together, support each other, and have a spirit of sacrifice for the good of the team.

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Leadership and team captain skills

A team registered to play needs one or more leaders capable of maintaining order and creating unity within the team. This helps maintain stability in the team and creates a fighting spirit.

Good coach

Coming up with appropriate tactics and knowing how to make the most of each player’s talent is an important job for coaches.

Psychological skills

Psychological skills such as confidence, pressure control, and a winning mindset are also important in creating an excellent team. In other words, psychological skills are always formed and deployed in a football team.

The best team of all time

The best team of all time

Football is not just a sport but also a deep passion for millions of people around the world. And when talking about the best football team of all time, we must pay special attention to the players who have left their mark and made their names in the history of this king sport. Below is the best lineup of all time, created from stars who have shone brightly through different periods:

Lev Yashin – Known as the “Golden Head,” Yashin held the debt of a goalkeeper with his excellence and won the Golden Ball in 1963. He is an excellent goalkeeper of Russian nationality.

Franz Beckenbauer – Beckenbauer is one of the great German defenders. He helped Germany win the World Cup in 1974 and played the role of a playmaker.

Paolo Maldini is an Italian defender. He is the captain of AC Milan, and during his football career, he won many Serie A and Champions League titles.

Cafu is one of the best right-backs of the Brazilian nationality.

Roberto Carlos is famous for his unique free kick and is an important part of Brazil’s success.

Diego Maradona known as “Diego” is one of the best players in history, especially after scoring a stunning goal against England at the 1986 World Cup.

Striker Pelé is one of the best players of all time and won three World Cups with the Brazilian team.

Dutch striker Johan Cruyff is considered an icon of attacking football and one of the pioneers of “Total Football.”

Lionel Messi is considered one of the best strikers today and has won many Golden Balls.

Cristiano Ronaldo is also one of the players who excels in the striker position.

Midfielder Zinedine Zidane helped France win the World Cup in 1998 and is one of the most talented midfielders.

This is the best squad of all time with great players who have made football a passion for millions of people around the world. This squad has brought many relics as well as unforgettable marks in football history.

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