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What is a back striker is a question that many football watchers are interested in every time they watch matches. Although he plays as a striker, there are many different types of strikers, so coaches often have to research the models to use in their squad. To understand what a back striker is, we invite you to join TA777 to learn through the article below.

Learn the position What is a back striker

Learn the position What is a back striker

What is a back striker – As a player whose goal is to support the team’s main striker, coaches often arrange a back striker to play behind the center striker. The back striker will have a wider range of movement, sometimes they are mistaken by followers for being an attacker, the central midfielder has the role of supporting the attack when the positions of these two types of players are not different.

Typically, coaches will use back strikers for 4-2-3-1 and 4-4–1-1 formations. When using a back striker, the number of players on the offensive line will be more overwhelming and create more opportunities to score and win. Normally, the back strikers will move and attract the opponent’s defenders, thereby creating different spaces for players to have the opportunity to reach the opponent’s goal.

List of the best backward strikers today

List of the best backward strikers today

After understanding the role of the back striker, next, we will introduce to readers a list of players who play in the back striker position. If you want to know more details about the player, don’t forget to click register to get more information about the player.

Joao Felix – Portuguese striker

Leading the position of striker is young player Joao Felix. Although he has a small body, he has an extremely impressive ability to dribble and shoot. As a blockbuster brought in by Atletico Madrid in 2019 with a transfer value of 100 million euros, the player quickly proved his ability.

However, recently, due to a conflict with the coach, Felix was restricted from playing on the field and was loaned to the Barcelona club. As soon as he arrived at FCB, Felix was trusted by coach Xavi. He contributed many goals and assists to help the club win 2nd place in the rankings.

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Paulo Dybala

One of the best players of the Argentina team is considered the team’s second Messi. Dybala possesses extremely impressive dribbling ability, speed, and running ability. Although he does not have physical advantages, the player always knows how to create difficulties for opposing defenders.

Dybala has played extremely successfully with the Juverturn club, he has contributed many goals and assists after many years of playing here. With his magical left foot, it can be affirmed that Dybala is one of the best backward strikers in the world at the moment.

The person who defines the backward striker is Thomas Muller

What is a backward striker – The person who defines the backward striker is Thomas Muller

Considered one of the men who defined the position of a deep striker, a space stealer, Thomas Muller is one of the terrors of Bundesliga clubs. With extremely excellent movement, positioning, and finishing skills, Muller became an important key in the stages of advancing the ball and finding the way to Bayern Munich’s goal.

Playing as a striker behind Harry Kane, despite his age, Muller is still one of the top goalscorers in the tournament. Not only in the domestic tournament, when he plays internationally, he is also one of the top strikers that defenders must keep an eye on.

Young star Ayoze Perez is worth 20 million pounds

Ayoze Perez is one of the young players who plays extremely successfully as a striker. Currently, he is valued at about 20 million pounds. Playing for the Newcastle club, Ayoze Perez creates opportunities for strikers by moving wide to pull defenders out of defensive positions. From there, indirectly creates space for midfielders to make long-range shots into the opponent’s goal.

Ante Rebic

Unlike other strikers in the world, Ante Rebic, although playing lowly, has extremely impressive scoring statistics, especially in the Croatia team shirt. With the 4-2-3-1 strategy, Ante Rebic can fully utilize his skills and scoring ability and become the team’s main striker.


The topic What is a back striker has been clearly stated and explained in the article through the content above. Besides, we also bring readers a list of the best players playing in the forward position at the moment. If you are a person who loves playing as a striker, don’t hesitate to follow the players above.

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