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What is El Clasico? El Clasico in Spanish means super classic. The super classic match represents the confrontation between the two biggest clubs in Spain, Barcelona and Real Madrid. The two clubs have the longest tradition and richest achievements in the world. The confrontation between these two clubs, also known as El Clasico, is always considered the most attractive match in the world. To better understand the super classic match, please follow TA777‘s article below.

Find out what is El Clasico

Find out what El Clasico is, and how attractive is El Clasico

Any match between Barcelona and Real Madrid is called El Clasico or Super Classic. It is one of the most watched sporting events of the year. A match with high intensity, beautiful goals, fierce disputes, and not to mention the stars in the squads of both teams. To better understand what El Clasico is, you can sign up to receive notifications so you don’t miss out on interesting articles.

The fierce competition creates an exciting El Clasico match

What is El Clasico? These matches not only have the nature of a regular football match but are also large-scale political matches. Because Madrid is the capital and largest city of Spain. Barcelona is the capital and largest city of the autonomous community of Catalonia, where there is an independence movement.

That’s why the Super Classic match has always been extremely attractive. The first super classic match was played on May 13, 1902, with a 3-1 victory in favor of the Barcelona club. From here began a series of the most exciting matches on the planet.

History of confrontation between Super Classic matches

What is the head-to-head record of El Clasico matches? Join us to learn about the results of El Clasico matches. The results were slightly in favor of the Spanish royal team Real Madrid when the capital team had 102 wins and 52 draws after 254 confrontations. Barcelona’s number is only 100 wins and they have to receive 102 defeats.

Statistics about El Clasico matches

Statistics about El Clasico matches

For the most exciting match on the planet, there are always unprecedented statistics and records. Below are some statistics as well as records that are hard to break in matches.

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The player with the most Super Classic appearances

A player’s age depends on their performance, a player with high performance can participate in 20-30 matches. But this record belongs to Sergio Busquets with 48 appearances. With more than 15 seasons playing for Barcelona, ​​he holds the record for the most appearances.

The legend who scored the most goals in El Clasico history

Scoring in an El Clasico match is difficult enough, but Lionel Messi scored 26 goals against Real Madrid. There is no debate about Messi’s greatness. Messi is the greatest player in the world. Therefore, for Real Madrid players, having to confront Messi is extremely difficult. That’s why Messi has scored 26 goals, the most in history.

What is El Clasico – Typical matches in El Clasico history

What is El Clasico - Typical matches in El Clasico history
  • Next, the article will provide you with some information about typical matches:
  • Derbi De La Vergüenza: the match in which Luis Figo returned to his old home Barcelona sparked the fire of hatred among Barcelona fans.
  • Dream Team Barcelona destroyed the Real Madrid galaxy: in the 1993-1994 season, Barca destroyed Real Madrid by 5 goals without reply.
  • Semi-finals of Champion League 2011: the match where Messi alone shined, completely defeating Real Madrid right at the holy land of Santiago Bernabeu.
  • Real Madrid destroyed Barcelona: In the 1943-1944 season, Real destroyed Barca by 11 goals without reply.
  • 1960 European Cup semi-finals: with a star-studded team at all levels, Real easily destroyed Barcelona with a total score of 6-2 to win the right to enter the final.
  • Ronaldinho was applauded by Real fans: when Barcelona was a guest at Real’s field in the 2005-2006 season. Barcelona’s number 10 is the brightest star of the match. He made a spectacular run from the midfield line. He went through a series of defenders towards Real’s goal and shot past goalkeeper Iker Casillas.
  • 2002 Champion League semi-finals: Possessing a star-studded team at their peak, Real Madrid easily defeated their great rival to advance to the finals.


Through the above detailed and complete information about what El Clasico is, we hope to help new players better understand this super classic confrontation. Hopefully, our article will help you and players have a better understanding after reading this article.

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