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What Is OG In Football? If you are a fan of the king sport, surely everyone has heard of this popular term. Join TA777 today to learn specifically about situations and information related to “Own Goal”!

What Is OG In Football?

What Is OG In Football?

In football, OG is known as an abbreviation for the phrase Own Goad, which means an own goal. That means any player accidentally kicks the ball into his team’s goal. Of course, in this situation, the referee will determine that it is a counter-attack goal and score the goal for the opponent. So what are the reasons why the unfortunate player took this action?

The player in a defensive position tries to block the opponent’s shot, but instead hits the ball into his own team’s net.

It can also be caused by a missed transmission, which then causes the ball to go straight into the home goal.

In football, all OG goals are often considered one of those unfortunate accidents. However, in some important cases, this goal will also help the home team win.

According to research, OG’s goal is almost impossible, but not impossible. For this result, of course, the goal will be counted 1 – 0 in favor of the opponent. In some countries and regions, OG goals will display the name of the player who last touched the ball.

What Penalty Will the Player Face If Violating OG During Ball?

What Penalty Will the Player Face If Violating OG During Ball?

However, in some cases, some players intentionally take OG shots to follow the match. If discovered, the management board and match organizing committee will punish them according to previous regulations.

As for the situation where a player accidentally violates OG, of course, the fans will only underestimate his ability. In a case like this, they will receive a lot of criticism from public opinion, and the media as well as being considered “criminals” by the audience. These players will even be affected by their future football careers.

What is the cause of why players often get Oged in Football?

So what causes players to commit OG fouls in football? As follows:

Lack of Concentration

It is also possible that the player is negligent or lacks concentration while reading the match situation. And unfortunately, they immediately made this “deplorable” OG shot.

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Mental pressure

Of course, there will be no cases of players being psychologically pressured in important tournaments. From there, players can be psychologically affected and then make wrong kicking decisions.

Weak Technique

In some situations, the player does not have very high technique and is not particularly confident in his dribbling. Immediately after that, it led to the ball being put into the home goal.

Unexpected situation

Sometimes players encounter unexpected situations such as the ball touching the crossbar or accidentally touching an opponent. Also makes the player unable to control the ball, then commits an OG goal foul.

Unintentional Reactions

In the end, it was one of the cases where an OG goal came from a player being unreasonable in his reaction. At this time, they tried to prevent the opponent from bringing the ball into their goal, but this led to arbitrarily creating an action to let the ball roll into their net.

How Important Is Og In Football?

How Important Is Og In Football?

In soccer, OG goals or own goals are an indispensable part and can happen at any time. Of course, in a big match, this goal will also play an important role in helping the team lose or win immediately afterward.

Decide the Match Result

Own goals are important in deciding the final result of the match. That means in some cases, this OG table will be the key for the referee to determine the score for each team.

Change the Battle Position

Not only does it decide the outcome of the match, but the OG table also helps the team change the situation on the field. Therefore, this goal can also help the team lose spirit and strength or help the team strengthen their spirit and physical ability to play even more.

Create Memorable Moments

In sports, own goals can also help create memorable soccer moments. A goal can be a random kick that makes the audience excited and surprised, making the match more breathtaking than ever.


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