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What is Tiki Taka is a question that many people discuss with each other. It is known as a tactic in the sport of soccer and is popular with many users, including those who are passionate about the sport. this king sport and sports journalists. Please refer to the article below with TA777 to learn in detail what this widely used term is

Explain the meaning of Tiki-taka for those of you who are still wondering

Explain the meaning of Tiki-taka for those of you who are still wondering

Tiki-taka is a term that comes from Spain, originally called Tiqui-Taca, and is a relatively new concept among football fans. It is known that this is a very unique football strategy played quite successfully by the FC Barcelona team and has therefore become popular. However, this particular style of play is considered quite difficult to play as it requires combining movement, control, and short passes.

Where did the Tiki Taka strategy originate from?

It is known that the father of the Tiki-taka strategy is coach Luis Aragones. He came up with this tiki-taka strategy in the early 2004s, when he was still in charge of the Spanish team. Although in 2006, this strategy failed at the World Cup tournament, it also developed successfully afterward and won the Euro 2008 championship in Spain.

Thanks to its success in the late 2008s, this tactic has spread to many other football teams and become increasingly popular among fans. From 2008 – 2012, coach Pep Guardiola continued to lead and create a golden age for Barcelona by increasingly developing this strategy to new heights.

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Revealing how to play Tiki-taka in soccer

Revealing how to play Tiki-taka in soccer

This strategy can make the opponent impatient and open up holes in the defense for the team, but the method is quite difficult as it requires players to concentrate highly on keeping the ball and controlling the ball. and pass short passes to each other, in addition to constantly interacting with other players.

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Only players who can endure the harsh training, hard work, and determination to overcome their limits can catch up with the tiki-taka empire, which not only requires players to have good physical strength to perform. Continuous movement frequency, tiki taka also requires passing the ball at short distances. Only players with a standard passing rate of over 70% can meet the requirements of this difficult strategy.

Because this style of play requires outstanding ability and discipline from the player, the playing squad must also be very cohesive and work well together as a team. The Barcelona team was successful with this strategy and brought satisfying results to the team’s fans.

What are the common strategies you should know about Tiki-taka?

What are the common strategies you should know about Tiki-taka?

Currently, the Tiki-taka playing style is being loved and followed by the online community and football teams due to the success of the Barcelona team. Refer to the interesting strategies below to pocket useful skills and bring glory. Glory for the team

Passing and running – the most basic skills in tactics

After understanding what tiki-taka is, you can understand that players implementing this strategy consume a lot of physical strength because they have to move and pass the ball continuously both with and without the ball, so they require a very good physical foundation.

The mandatory 6-second rule in tiki taka

This is considered a mandatory rule to use in tiki taka for those of you who do not know what tiki taka is. 6 seconds is the amount of time the player must win back the ball from the opponent otherwise the team will lose the ball and must reorganize the entire team formation to attack the opponent 1-1 combined with high pressing speed.

Arrange the most optimal tactical formation

The tactical scheme used successfully by the Barcelona team and winning many titles at major tournaments is known as 4-3-3, depending on observing the match situation it can be transformed into 4-1-2. -3 or 3-4-3 gives the team more flexibility when moving.


Through the above article, we have compiled and shared with you the most useful information about What is Tiki Taka and the popular gameplay in this sport. I hope that after reading it, you can gain for yourself the most useful experiences and information.

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